We are NOW open!

1414 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014

  • *Image by Sandcastle Tales

Sandcastle Tales is the only family-owned children’s bookstore in Del Mar, California. We are thrilled to serve our wonderful Del Mar community and its amazing visitors.

This cute bookstore offers children’s books, from the classics to contemporary favorites, toys, and crafts that stimulate children’s imagination and foster fantastic literary experiences for the whole family!

Check back for information on our grand opening!

Sandcastle Tales would like to specially thank the following supporters:

City of Del Mar

Del Mar Public Library

Solana Public Library

Carmel Valley Public Library

Del Mar Village Association

Chamber of Commerce (Coastal, Del Mar, North County)

Dona and Susan -Island Tales Bookshop

Backer and Taylor LLC

American Booksellers Association ABA

The ABC Children Institute

William Strong -Riviera Real Estate, Inc.

Grandma Mary (Yaya)

Israel Perez -Mrk Experience

KC Walkins

Door of Faith Orphanage

Mary Beth McCabe -Sun Marketing

Redeemer Church Encinitas

Julie Zozaya -Julie’s Beachwear

Village Church Rancho Santa Fe

Michelle A. Yuen

Michael Daniels

Del Mar School District

Solana Beach School District

Encinitas School District

Rancho Santa Fe School District

Suzanne Sokol -Sundancer

Del Mar Blue Print

Powerhouse Park (friends of)

Wave Church

Sara Saad

Stacey Railey -Durante’s Menswear

San Diego Fairgrounds -Castle Story-time

Eduardo Mariscal AKA “Il Padrino”

Grandma Tiz

Don Leon Handyman

Randolph Rhett Attorney

Local Authors

Adele DeGuzman Accounting

Del Mar Sandpiper

Thank you all friends and family for your endless love,

And thank you Lord Jesus for answering our prayers for a bookstore with which we can SERVE our community.