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Sandcastle Tales is Open in Del Mar

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(Del Mar, CA July 29, 2019) The only solely children’s bookstore in the region opened up for business in Del Mar this month. It is located at 1414 Camino del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014, in the heart of the shopping area and restaurants. Sandcastle Tales is just a few hundred steps from the beach.

The Rhett family has been in Del Mar for over fifty years. Alex Rhett, the founder and owner of Sandcastle Tales, draws upon her experience in International Relations, traveling, and teaching to inform the book selection and activities at the bookstore.

“The kids in our community are passionate about nature, animals and the environment. They are outside surfing, hiking, horseback riding, and exploring. That’s the kind of community we serve. Sandcastle Tales is the place where families can begin their journey of exploration. We have books on nature, animals, ocean, art, environment, and so much more. The kids here love to be outdoors and then grab a book and read to continue their adventures in their minds,” says Rhett.

“Our community bookstore encourages reading. I tell my kids: ‘When you read you get to go places and discover new worlds. You get to hear others’ thoughts and live their experiences,’“ continues Rhett.

When Alex Rhett was recently in Pittsburgh, PA. at the national children’s book conference sharing news of Sandcastle Tales, all of the other attendees who already were bookstore owners were agreeing that Alex’s innovative ideas are worthwhile for kids. “It is encouraging to confirm with other booksellers that what we are doing in Sandcastle Tales is special,” says Rhett.

“Books have come a long way, but still the basics are that you can touch and hold them. Some books add a button that offers music as part of the story. There are books that teach you values. But what makes a book special is how it makes you feel when you read it or hear it read to you,” says Rhett.

“We have a wonderful inventory of curated books for children, including classic books that evoke nostalgia for adults. The books that grandparents read to parents, and now parents read to their children. The Bible is my favorite book; I also enjoy reading adventures and environmentalist stories to my kids” added Rhett.

“This is my family business and it is my passion. Our wonderful library and Sandcastle Tales are all working hard to offer valuable resources to families in our community. I have reached out to the library and the Friends of the Del Mar Library to offer to partner with them to serve our community, and Sandcastle Tales will be donating books and more to the library. I have many business ideas, but to me, opening a children’s bookstore is one of the best ways I can give back to my community, and express my deep love and care for families.”

In addition to books, Sandcastle Tales offers multilingual story times, sand art, crafts, interactive sand play, toys, tasty frozen treats and candies, gifts and souvenirs; Spanish language lessons and other tutoring services are available by appointment. The bookstore hours are Monday to Sunday from 10 to 5 pm. All current activities are posted on social media. 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sandcastletalesdelmar/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sandcastletales/

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